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March 6, 2020


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Palinuro is the largest hamlet of Centola, and it is the largest seaside resort.


The cavities hitherto surveyed are thirty-two, surface and submerged, which insinuate themselves and articulate in galleries and rooms carved into the rock of the Palinurese ridge. The most famous are: the “Blue Grotto”, the “Silver Grotto”, the “Grotta dei Monaci” and the “Grotta del Sangue”. The blue cave, known for its splendid play of light and the intensity of blue with which its waters are charged, is a destination for speleologists and biologists who study its morphological, floristic and faunal nature.
In the “Grotta delle Ossa”, in Marina di Molpa, the walls are encrusted with bones of men and animals. The scholars, thanks to the testimonies left by the old writers, thought they belonged to the Romans, who twice shipwrecked at these shores: once during the first Punic war, a second time at the time of Octavian.

Cala Fetente is the major manifestation of the hydrothermal phenomenon of Capo Palinuro. The first twenty meters of the subaerial part of the cave are passable on foot to a long lake. Hydrogen sulphide vapors are clearly felt when approaching the boat. The dive is demanding due to the reduced visibility of the milky waters and the narrow passages, also it is not possible to emerge in the lake at any point. The walls are white and fluffy due to the massive presence of sulphobacteria colonies.

architetture religioseReligious Architectures

  • Capuchin Convent
  • Church of Santa Chiara D’Assisi
  • Bell Tower dating back to the year 1100


  • Baronial Palace Cocozzelli
  • Lupo Baronial Palace
  • Rinaldi Baronial Palace
  • Castle of San Severino
  • Molpa Castle

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